Technical Diving

Closed Circuit Rebreather

A rebreather is a breathing device that recycles a divers exhaled breath, scrubs it clean of carbon dioxide and recycles that same breath so that the diver may use it over and over through out their dive. Rebreathers are different from open circuit SCUBA, because rather than exhaling the waste product (carbon dioxide) as bubbles …

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Trimix Diver

This program is designed for those individuals already involved in deep diving activities, but is not intended to be used as an enticement to divers who are content to remain in Sport or EANx diving limits. Trimix affords a safer means for deep-water exploration for divers who dive deep or perform with a clear head …

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IANTD Technical Diver

This course will train divers to conduct dives to depths between 100 ft and, at the instructor’s option, up to 170 ft using air or nitrox and decompression gasses. Students will gain a greater understanding of custom blend breathing gas mixtures, a complete knowledge of the limits of any EANx mixture, and the use of EANx and …

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IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver

The IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver program is designed to train divers who wish to dive to depths between 39 and 60 msw (130 and 200 fsw), but do not wish to breathe air below 39 msw (130 fsw). Trimix affords a means of managing nitrogen narcosis by reducing the Equivelent Narcotic Depth (END) to a …

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Advanced Recreational Trimix

  This Program is designed to extend the diver’s knowledge in the use of EANx for Sport diving. It further develops diving skills and provides a greater understanding of the EANx concept of diving. It is also intended to supplement the skills of Recreational Trimix Divers. The purpose of this program is to qualify divers …

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IANTD Advanced Nitrox

The IANTD Advanced Nitrox program covers the core skills from the technical diver training programs including the use of dual outlet single cylinders or twinsets with central isolation manifolds and decompression skills and procedures using bottom mixes up to 40% nitrox and decompression mixes up to 100% oxygen to a maximum depth of 140 fsw …

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