Ginnie Springs March 1st-8th, 2020

Ginnie Springs has been commonly described as “visibility forever”. This is no exaggeration – these inland fresh water springs of northern Florida certainly do not disappoint, which is why we’ve returned every year since 1999.


Join the Columbus Scuba family for our annual Ginnie Springs Florida trip. We will be camping from Sunday (March 1st) through Saturday, March 7th. Stay for a portion of the trip, or the entire week. Throughout the week we will dive four different dive sites (Ginnie Springs, Blue Grotto, Devil’s Den & Paradise Springs). We will be offering a variety of different courses while on the trip, such as: Open Water Check Out Dives (the final portion to an Open Water Certification), Advanced Open Water, Cavern Diver and Deep Diver (you must have Advanced Open Water to do Deep or Cavern).



Ginnie Springs Calendar


Columbus Scuba Ginnie Camp Site Map




*To expedite the check in process at the Ginnie Springs office, fill out the waiver ahead of time HERE. 


  • Sunday, March 1st: Travel day. Arrive at Ginnie Springs, check in with the office & set up camp. If you arrive early enough, feel free to get some dives in.
  • Monday, March 2nd: Open Water Check Out Dives Day #1 at Blue Grotto & Cavern course Group A Day #1 at Ginnie Springs.
  • Tuesday, March 3rd: Open Water Check Out Dives Day #2 at Devil’s Den & Cavern course Group A Day #2 at Paradise Springs.
  • Wednesday, March 4th: Advanced Open Water Day #1 at Ginnie Springs & Cavern course Group B Day #1 at Ginnie Springs.
  • Thursday, March 5th: Advanced Open Water Day #2 at Blue Grotto & Cavern course Group B Day #2 at Paradise Springs.
  • Friday, March 6th: Deep Diver course day #1 at Blue Grotto & Cavern course Group A & Group B diving at a location TBD.
  • Saturday, March 7th: Deep Diver course day #2 at Blue Grotto.
  • Sunday, March 8th: Travel day. Pack up & go home.
– If you are not taking any classes, your dive site entry fees are NOT included for any day of the trip. You will need to pay the entry fee upon arrival to each dive site.
– You have the freedom to dive any dive site on any day, however you will have to pay the entry fee to that site upon arrival.
– You are more than welcome to come to the same dive sites that the classes are attending, or make your own plan.
Click below to see more information on the dive sites: 
Ginnie Springs ($30 per day/per person)
Blue Grotto ($44 per day/per person)
Paradise Springs (**CASH ONLY** $30 per day/per person)
Devil’s Den ($38 per day/per person)
** Any additional nights you would like to camp at Ginnie Springs, please work out with Ginnie Springs**
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