Chad Hill

Position: Divemaster

Chad grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Growing up in Ohio, he’s always loved being able to get away and spend time at the beach or on the ocean. Getting an opportunity to take it to the next level and explore what lay underneath the surface sounded exciting, so he signed up with PADI to become an Open Water Diver in 2003. It turns out it was better than he ever imagined and no matter where he dives, it just never gets old. His favorite diving course he has taken so far is the Rescue course. He loved the intensity & seriousness with which it was taken – the transition from being focused on one’s self to being focused on the entire dive team was very satisfying to him. He aspires to become an instructor (because he enjoys helping others learn) and to begin to expand beyond recreational diving into technical diving. His bucket list dives are: the kelp forests in California, the cenotes in the Yucatan, and the Silfra fissures in Iceland.

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