Mitch Mazaher

Position: Open Water Scuba Instructor

Mitch grew up in Nacogdoches & Galveston, Texas.  Mitch has always loved the ocean & its amazing inhabitants. He grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic specials – so diving has always piqued his interest. Once his children moved out, he reached out to Columbus Scuba and earned his Open Water certification in May of 2014. He has two most memorable dives, one was the west side of the Drop Off at Verde Islands, in the Philippines.  It was so memorable because of the sheer density of life on and in the reef. His other most memorable dive was at The Boiler in San Benedicto Island in the Revillagigido Archipelago, better known as the Socorro Islands, off the Pacific coast of Mexico. There were Manta Rays and Dolphins all around and he also saw a school of hammerheads and could hear whale songs. All he wants to do is travel and explore the natural beauty of the sea and the critters that live there – he would like to teach diving to share his passion for the aquatic environment with others. 

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