Ohio Dive Sites


Gilboa Quarry is a 14+ acre limestone quarry, located in Northwest Ohio. There are wooded campgrounds encompassing over half the quarry's perimeter. Gilboa Quarry is a great location for diving and dive training. The quarry provides two distinct personalities: the shallow side at 5 - 65 ft provides great recreational enjoyment, while the deep side of the quarry with depths of 130 plus ft is suitable for technical training. www.divegilboa.com


Circleville Twin Quarries and Todd's SCUBA Sales are located in Central Ohio, about 30 miles south of Columbus. The park is 70 acres with two gravel quarries open for SCUBA and snorkeling. They also have camping and picnic facilities. Large shelter houses are located at each quarry with steps leading down into the water. www.twinquarries.com


White Star Park in Sandusky County Ohio, is an 800 acre park located near Gibsonburg, Ohio. On the park property, White Star Quarry is a 15 acre man made lake with an average depth of 40’ with the center of the quarry approaching 50 Feet. There are two “holes,” one near the wall close to the main diving entrance and the other at the bottom of a stone crusher that are 60’ and 80’, respectively. www.whitestarquarry.com

Other Dive Sites

The 13-acre former quarry southeast of Columbus and Lancaster, Ohio, offers several entry areas, night diving, and dive attractions that include a cabin cruiser, plane, car, weed beds, van and a box truck. Grocery, hospital and laundromat services are close by in Lancaster.

Depths to: 50 feet (15 m) Visibility: 10-25 feet (3-7.5 m) Aquatic life: Includes bluegill, perch and crappies. Fees: Call in advance.

On-site amenities: Air station, tent sites, shelter house, bathhouse, Wi-Fi Internet access, plus 70 recreational vehicle sites with concrete patio, water and electricity hookups, fire rings, picnic tables, and a dump station.

More info: Visit www.lakeviewrvpark.net or call (740) 653-4519. Open: Year-round.

Created after years of digging for rock, gravel and sand, North Point Quarry was ultimately filled with water from natural underground springs, rain, snow melt, and the nearby north branch of the Licking River.

North Point Quarry and the others located in the park have been stocked through the years with a variety of fish, and also includes many other creatures that have made the park their home, including a pair of Bald Eagles.

Here at North Point Quarry, we have over 410 paddlefish stocked for your viewing pleasure as you dive, and will soon increase that number to over 500 paddlefish. These unique fish are often seen by divers as they explore the 22 acre quarry. In addition to the paddlefish, we have recently stocked the quarry with over 150 albino catfish as an added attraction for divers.

1500 Mt. Vernon Road, Newark, Ohio 43055. http://www.northpointquarry.com/

Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, averaging just 62 feet and is perfect for divers interested in its rich history. Get more information about more than 300 historical sites and natural areas by visiting the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail website at www.coastalohio.com and more detailed shipwreck information by visiting Ohio Sea Grant’s www.ohioshipwrecks.org.

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