Cari Stahlman

Cari grew up in Pennsylvania & upstate New York. She learned to dive with Columbus Scuba in 2017 – where she completed her Open Water certification dives and Advanced Open Water course in the High Springs area in northern Florida (on our annual Ginnie Springs trip). She started diving for the adventure! Her most memorable …

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Dallas Pierce

Dallas is an Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Born and raised in Baltimore, one winter, Dallas hopped on his motorcycle, rode to Florida, and never went back. Although Dallas still technically lives in Florida, he loves his SCUBA family at CSI so much, that he moved to Ohio for the summer to hang and …

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Paul Marquardt

Paul grew up in Amherst, Ohio, until he was 12 years old – then he moved to Worthington, Ohio. He was certified in the fall of 2019 by none other than Columbus Scuba’s very own, Jody Brooks! Paul has always loved the water, but never thought diving was for him because of physical reasons. Paul …

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Elizabeth Ingraham

Elizabeth grew up in Middletown, Ohio. She has always loved the water and knew she wanted to learn how to dive. When she had a free summer in 2013, she decided to take the class in hopes she would get to use the certification on a vacation sometime. She continued diving because of all the …

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Jessica Granger

Jessica grew up in the New York City area. She started diving in 2008 as a form of therapy for PTSD post-deployment with the U.S. Army. The Rescue Diver course is her favorite course she has taken so far because she is now “a badass life saver”. Her most memorable dive was on the SS …

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Shane Taylor

Shane Taylor is a Divemaster for Columbus Scuba and has been diving for about 4 years.   Shane really enjoys his weekends helping train divers at Gilboa Quarry.   “What makes it special is the beauty and the Columbus Scuba family.   They are always there and happy to help”.   What he loves most about diving is the …

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Ari Rabkin

Ari originally got certified in 2003 while in college. After a long surface interval, he returned to diving in 2017 with Columbus Scuba by taking a refresher course. His favorite dive site is the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. Ari loves taking pictures underwater and traveling to new places to explore dive sites.

Chris Medved

Chris was born In McKeesport, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. He started diving in 2010 when he and his wife were taking a trip to Hawaii with my Brother and Sister in Law and we wanted to dive while there! His most memorable dive was a shark Dive in Cancun, when a Bull …

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Corey Davoll

Corey has been diving since 2016 and obtained his Divemaster certification in 2019. He started diving just to try something different.  Corey had done a Discover Scuba when he was a child at aerospace camp and always remembered it as a cool experience so he decided to try it again much later in life and …

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