Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Shelby Brown

Shelby grew up in Delaware, Ohio. She was introduced to diving through the Ecotourism & Adventure travel major at Hocking College, where she spent 6 weeks on Andros island in the Bahamas and earned her Open Water & Advanced Open Water certifications in 2014. Her favorite dive courses she has taken so far are RAID …

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Gabe Walsh

Gabe grew up in Upper Arlington, Ohio and started diving on a family vacation to Grand Cayman in 2012. Since then, he has enjoyed climbing the ranks of the scuba world and collecting many specialty certifications. His favorite places to dive are the walls of Bonaire and Grand Cayman, and his favorite course was his …

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Mike Stahlman

In 2009 Mike started his certification through CSI at the field station in Andros, Bahamas. He quickly advanced to his instructor certification. Mike has certified hundreds of students in Ohio and at numerous Caribbean resorts.  It is rare to see Mike out of the water through the summer months.  Mike has uncanny energy about him …

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Paul Sherry

Originally from New Jersey, Paul has lived in Ohio since 1981. Outside of CSI, he’s the IT Manager for a local engineering firm. His first experience in diving was a Resort dive in Jamaica. Since that dive, he spends every weekend either diving in Ohio quarries or instructing classes.  Paul is a certified cave diver …

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Matt Roehl

Matt Roehl has yet to grow up and refuses to do so. Just kidding, Matt Roehl grew up in Fredricksburg, Virginia, just south of DC before moving to Columbus in 2008. He started diving in 2013, because it was the “next thing”. Prior to diving, Matt got his Pilot’s license and skydiving license – and …

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Richard Johnson

Richard did a discover dive on a wreck while on a 2014 vacation in Myrtle Beach, and knew this was something he wanted to pursue further.  He really enjoys wreck diving in the Carolinas and our annual Ginnie Springs trip. I love swimming with all the fish and enjoy when they swim up to check …

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Charles Nutt

From the first breath Charles took underwater he was hooked! When he did his first check-out dive at the quarry, it ignited a passion to continue on with diving education.  During the day he is a Structural Engineer. Charles is happiest underwater because they can’t make him take work with him-no matter how hard they …

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Doug Hyland

Doug grew up in Danville, Illinois. He began diving in 2008 because it seemed like a fun hobby, and he continued diving because it was! He loves Public Safety Diving, and giving his own personal touches acquired from his experiences Public Safety Diving to the Rescue Courses at Columbus Scuba.  Doug’s Rescue course has become …

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Tom Woodruff

Tom first became certified in 1985, and has been diving the fresh water quarries of Ohio, the ocean and springs of Florida, and the Caribbean ever since. He became an IDC staff instructor in 2011.

Jude Divierte

Jude was born in NY, moved to Ohio in 1986, and has been a Buckeye ever since. In 2001, he completed his Open Water Certification. Since then he has continued his education through multiple agencies to the professional level. He is an IANTD and PADI Open Water Instructor.  Jude was there in 1999 when Andy …

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