Open Water SCUBA Instructor

Tina Fahy

Tina has been an OW instructor with CSI since June 2018.  She is also a certified cave diver, and her personal passion is diving the caves and cenotes of Mexico.  When Tina is not underwater, she can likely be found wandering the woods.  For Tina, Backpacking and hiking are almost as enjoyable as diving.  Tina …

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Jenna Kreider

Jenna grew up in Coshocton, Ohio and moved to Columbus in 2011, where she has lived ever since. After having been a competitive swimmer, and developing an overall love of all things water, she began diving at the age of 8 with her mom in Pensacola Beach, Florida. After 12-13 years of Open Water dives …

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Scott Thomas

Scott joined the CSI family when he got certified 2013. He has since worked on the Great Barrier Reef and the lesser known Ningaloo Reef of Australia as an underwater photographer. He loves spending weekends at the quarry helping new divers feel more confident in the water.

Abra Witzky

Abra grew up in Marysville, Ohio. She tried diving while traveling and immediately fell in love with it, so she earned her certification in 2011. Her favorite course she has taken so far is the Cavern Course down in Ginnie Springs, Florida. Her diving related goals are to earn her Full Cave certification and dive …

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Mitch Mazaher

Mitch grew up in Nacogdoches & Galveston, Texas.  Mitch has always loved the ocean & its amazing inhabitants. He grew up watching Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic specials – so diving has always piqued his interest. Once his children moved out, he reached out to Columbus Scuba and earned his Open Water certification in May …

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Tom Woodruff

Tom first became certified in 1985, and has been diving the fresh water quarries of Ohio, the ocean and springs of Florida, and the Caribbean ever since. He became an IDC staff instructor in 2011.

Allison Dawson

Allison was born in Florida but grew up right here in central Ohio. She started diving in 2011, during a high school Marine Biology trip to Forfar Field Station, on Andros Island in the Bahamas. Her favorite course she has taken so far is the Ice Diving course because it is exhilarating and incredibly peaceful …

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Jerry Perkins

Jerry, Instructor, Mayor of CSI-ville, President of Mid-Ohio Dive Club, Head BBQ Chef, wears many hats at CSI. His favorite thing about diving is the “family” he has found. His most favorite dives are with his wife Toni but Jerry will dive anywhere there is salt or fresh water!!

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Mike Hicks

Mike grew up in Johnstown, Ohio. He and his friends decided to start SCUBA diving for the adventure in 1990. One of his favorite dives he has been on so far was on the USS Oriskany (a shipwreck in the Florida Keys). His favorite, and the most difficult, course he has taken so far was …

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Jon Heidenreich

Jon grew up in Brunswick, Ohio (outside of Cleveland).   Jon got certified in 2008 when he was on a trip in Hawaii.   Jon’s favorite course he has taken is the Whale Shark certification he earned at the Georgia Aquarium.   Jon is very committed to physical fitness and spends much of his off time exercising and …

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