Columbus Scuba is excited to start your Open Water Certification adventure! We have a staff of over 60 professionals with decades of experience and qualifications. We offer top of the line industry-leading gear at the lowest price you will find- even on the internet!  We train with newer, industry-leading equipment. Our Open Water courses include eLearning and gear rental*.  Students are required to purchase their own mask, fins and snorkel prior to the start of class.  All of Columbus Scuba’s Open Water courses include scheduled Open Water Dives completed over two days or while on vacation.

Columbus Scuba certifies it’s students through PADI – the World’s largest and most recognized agency in the world – wherever you travel your PADI certification card will be recognized! While all agencies teach to set standards, Columbus Scuba’s high training standards is what puts us in the Top Five stores in North America out of 1800 stores!

Join others in your underwater adventure! Our scheduled group lessons are limited to six (with a 1:3 ratio or less) so you will never be a number. In this four week (once a week) course you will become confident with the 24 skills you need to proceed to certification.

 The cost includes your academics (PADI eLearning), certification, equipment rental (tank, regulator, BCD, weights, wetsuit) and four Open Water Check-Out Dives*.

The Open Water course has three segments:

• Academics: Through eLearning you will learn the basics of diving techniques, how diving affects your body, diving safety, equipment selection and maintenance, dive planning, and preview the skills you’ll learn in the water.

• Confined Water: (pool sessions) In a pool you’ll learn all the basic skills you’ll need to be confident and safe to enjoy scuba diving.

• Open Water Dives: (open body of water, such as a clear quarry or ocean). Here you’ll practice all the skills you’ve already mastered in confined water out in open water.

*Quarry fees are student paid.

It is a LIFETIME certification. It does not expire. However, if you go long periods of time without diving, we encourage you to take a Refresher Course to familiarize yourself

Academic classroom sessions are where you learn the basic principles of SCUBA. It is accomplished with reading material, presentations and open discussions in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning. Classes are generally held in the evenings, once a week, and last for four weeks. Alternative times can be arranged upon request.

Students learn:
History of Diving
• Equipment
• Physical Aspects of the Diving Environment
• Physiological Aspects of Diving
• Pressure Injuries
• Physiological Considerations
• Diving Tables
• Diving Skills

Our goal is to enable you to dive as safely and comfortably as possible. We feel that this is accomplished by helping you become well educated and prepared for all aspects of SCUBA diving.

At Columbus SCUBA, Inc. (CSI) we progressively teach students the essential skills needed for successful completion of our Open Water course. This allows the student to take the necessary time required to master certain skills so they can be utilized in an Open Water environment. We do not rush our pool time. All your SCUBA equipment will be at the poolside ready for you to begin your new underwater experience.

Our confined water training locations have at least 12 ft pool depth and the equivalent of 2 – 6 lanes of swimming space (depending on location). This allows the student to feel comfortable practicing equalization at depth, but within a safe environment. As equalization is a necessary and required skill, pool practice will help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience. This also prepares you for your Open Water Check-Out dives and helps ensure that you are more comfortable during those dives. The confined water setting is designed to allow the student to develop a strong foundation for comfort and safety.

Prior to beginning the Open Water course, students are required to perform a swimming skills test. We use this to be sure the student has the swimming capability to sustain themselves at the water surface in the unlikely event of equipment failure.

The swim test consists of the following:
• 200 yard swim (8 lengths of the swimming pool)
• 10 minute deep water tread or survival float
• 25 ft underwater swim

It is very important to us that each student feel comfortable with all the skills we cover in the confined water trainings. We provide one-on-one instruction for any student that needs additional practice. We will ensure that you have had plenty of time to practice all the skills so you are comfortable with your new sport!

The Open Water Check-Out dives are the final step to your SCUBA certification. There are four check out dives that occur in an open body of water, such as a quarry, ocean, or lake. The dives give you the opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the confined water training. The dives also allow you to really experience what this sport is all about – Diving!  We love the sport of diving and sharing this sport with others so our focus for the open water dives is to make sure you are comfortable and have fun diving.

Each diver is unique and so are their needs! We modify our open water experiences to provide the best introduction to diving for each student. If a student requires additional one-on-one help in the open water setting, that is what we do! Our goal is to get you out and diving so you can enjoy your new sport with confidence.

Often, our students request to complete the Open Water dives with the groups they have trained with and end up forming long-time friendships. For those who plan to complete their Open Water dives in a tropical or alternate setting, Columbus SCUBA, Inc. (CSI) provides referral forms and discounts the course fees, accordingly. CSI is a member of the universal referral system and has sent divers with referral forms all around the world to successfully complete their certifications. There are no additional fees for the referral forms.

Columbus Scuba is cross-certified to teach from the following agencies:

  • IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Diving)
  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
  • SDI/TDI (Scuba Diving International/Technical Diving International)
  • DAN (Divers Alert Network)
  • EFR (Emergency First Response)

The Open Water course cost is all inclusive, and is the lowest you’ll find anywhere. There are no hidden fees in our course cost. The cost includes your academics, certification, equipment rental, and Open Water Check-Out dives.

Columbus Scuba provides the hard gear for all our recreational courses. We ask you to provide mask, fins, and snorkel, as these are personal fitting pieces of equipment required by all dive schools. Gear purchased from Dicks, REI, online, etc. or borrowed may not fit properly or be quality scuba grade equipment. Stop in and we will show you what to look for and offer you a fitting session whether you purchase from us or not.

Open Water dives begin in the later part of May when the water and air temperatures have warmed. We utilize all of Ohio’s great diving quarries for the Open Water checkout dives. There are several dates to choose from throughout the warmer months. If you choose to do your dives with another instructor, a referral letter will be provided for you.

Classes are generally held in the evenings, once a week, and last four weeks. Specific dates & times can be arranged with our Flex-Schedule option. Refer to our class schedule page for specific dates that are planned.

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