See for yourself what SCUBA diving is all about! Try a Try SCUBA Diving experience.

Interested in SCUBA diving, but not 100% sure if it is right for you? There is no pressure to sign up for an Open Water course. This course will allow you to experience what it is like to breathe underwater – which is a one-of-a-kind feeling! You will learn the basics of SCUBA and have an opportunity to play around underwater beneath the watchful eye of one of our dive professionals.

A Try SCUBA dive can be organized for an individual or a group...

You will able to:

  • See what wearing SCUBA equipment feels like
  • Experience being underwater while wearing SCUBA equipment
  • Breathe underwater for the first time
  • Learn some basic skills and safety rules
  • Get to know one of the CSI instructors

Let us know if you are interested in discovering what CSI diving is all about!

Use our Contact Form us or give us a call at (614) 500-PADI (7234).

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